10 Tips to improve the Business Value and ROI of Channel Marketing

Many companies invest Market Development Funds (MDF) and resources in partners to grow their business, secure coverage in a cost-efficient way and increase customer satisfaction. While working with indirect channels offers a lot of advantages it also creates challenges in terms of measuring the Return of Investment. To improve business results, you need to look at various elements including people, process and organization. The following 10 tips provide some proven approaches from a marketing perspective. Hopefully you will find a few ideas you can implement in your company.

  1. Focus on partners with marketing capabilities
  2. Provide clear direction and focus on demand gen in your funding guidelines
  3. Ensure engagement and coverage for existing and new partners
  4. Consider an ABM approach aligned with sales to focus your partner efforts
  5. Establish a cadence and set agenda for meetings and calls
  6. Establish the right KPIs to improve customer acquisition and sales pipeline
  7. Implement PRM and measure ROI at least three times
  8. Assign own leads based on (true and data driven) performance
  9. Invest time in analytics and dashboards
  10. Increase engagement and loyalty with a TOP 100 partner marketing community program

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