The feedback we receive every day as recruiters for positions in the Data Scientist sector is reflected in Predictive Analytics World 2019.



Companies are still finding it very difficult to fill their many Data Scientist vacancies.

What is the reason for this problem?
We also discussed this with the many specialists at Predictive Analytics World 2019.

And these assertions were confirmed:

The companies are not broadening their perspective:

Beginners with little experience or data scientists who don’t know the required programming language have no chance of being shortlisted. The data specialists also report that there are so many young talents who have no chance to prove themselves.

A data manager is missing:

A data scientist loves to evaluate. But for this, he needs the right amount and quality of data. A company that hires a data scientist without clean data and without a data manager will, in the long run, have an employee who doesn’t have what it burns for. Rather, he is more likely to take over the tasks of a data manager.

The job advertisements and job interviews are not created and conducted by specialist lists:

We receive the most reactions to job advertisements. We are often looking for multi-talents that are hardly available on the market. If a suitable Data Scientist is found, then the interview will be conducted by human resources specialists who often have little to do with Data.

Here we recommend getting some experts. Work with your data team on what the candidate should be able to do and take a data specialist with you to the interview.

There is more behind these personalities. Always think of the top of the iceberg that you can only see.

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